Install atom packages on windows

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Assalamu Alaikum everyone 😀 ,
If you’re using atom this article will help you install its packages on windows.First things first, go to and search for the package you want to install, in this article i want to install “turbo-javascript” package.

Install packages using GUI:

Open atom -> Packages -> settings view -> install packages/themes
in the search box write “turbo-javascript” without double quotes (or any package you want) then click install. DONE

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Install packages using CMD:

Open cmd then write:

cd c:\users\pcName\.atom


apm //stands for Atom Package Manager
//< and > stands for less than and greater
apm install <turbo-javascript> //replace turbo-javascript with your package's name

you’ll see script like this (without the last line)


Goodbye Triangular year 2016

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Goodbye Triangular year 2016

Let’s say goodbye to the first and special triangular year in 2000’s, in language of numbers the triangular number is the number of points that can draw a triangle of points.

Audio Steganography

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Audio Steganography, how does it work?

In Abstract: The process of hiding file (audio, text, picture, ….) into an audio file. The Stego application hides the file you want to encrypt in the audio file you want to encrypted into it. And if you want to decrypt that file and returned it the Stego App will reverse the process and return it.

How can one create hidden text messages in audio files? How can one remove them?

To encrypt text file you have some options, i recommend the first one (The easiest and efficient one):

  1. LSB Coding: just convert your audio file into binary numbers and replace its least significant bits with the bits of the text file (in binary format).
  2. Spread Spectrum.
  3. Echo Hiding: add echo to the audio.
  4. Parity Coding: deals with bits like the first but it’s more complex.
  5. Phase Coding: works by replacing the reference phase of an audio segment with a reference phase of the text and make some operations.

What are some working examples that show this process on the Internet?


Who uses this application?

In fact i don’t know, but what i’m sure of it the developers

used it someday 😀

The original answer on Quora


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سوف أضع أجابة الذكاء الاصطناعي (الألة) في مسلسل Person of Interest الذي أنتهى هذا العام.

شخصاً ما سألني، إن كنت تعلمتُ شيء من هذه الحياة، لذا دعني أقول لك ماذا تعلمت…

تعلمت أن الناس يموتون وحيدين…


إن أحببت شخصًا ما…

إن أهتممت في شخصًا ما…

أو إن ساعدت شخصًا ما…

ربما لن تموت على الأطلاق…

وربما وربما هذه ليست النهاية…!

source 🙂

PC Magazine November 2016

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Download here

ذكرى استشهاد محمد الدرة

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من سنتذكرهم بقلوبنا


محمد الدرة 30/9/2000

ومن سنتذكر خيانتهم



Zero to one book – last paragraph

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By: peter thiel

Coffee and Cream problem, My solution

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Here’s the problem from Mr.Honner Blog:

I was recently reminded of an excellent math problem involving mixtures.

Imagine yourself sitting in front of a cup of coffee and a cup of cream.



Suppose you take a spoonful of cream, pour it into the coffee, and stir it up. Now once that’s thoroughly mixed, you take a spoonful of the mixture and pour it back into the cream. Then you mix that up.  After all of this, is there more coffee in the cream, more cream in the coffee, or equal amounts in both?

I encourage you to think about the problem before perusing the several solutions below!

Here’s my solution:
my answer is more cream in the coffee.
my explanation is in the first step the spoonful consisted of pure cream, then the second spoonful from the coffee cup consisted of “cream and coffee” and for each step the spoonful will consist of the mix and impossible it contains pure coffee in any step.
let’s using math…
we will assume that x+n=1; //1 as the size of spoonful.
and will assume that 5 as a cup size.

coffee -> 5cf , cream -> 5cr
cf–>coffee , cr–>cream
-important note-
*the ratio is the origin content/the other content and we’ll  compare ratios.

1st step: 5cr-1cr, 5cf+1cr = 4cr , 5cf + 1cr
2nd step: 4cr+ncf+(x-n)cr=(4+x-n)cr+ncf, 5cf+1cr-ncf-(x-n)cr= (5-n)cf + (1-x+n)cr //General formula
let’s try some cases like n=0.2 , n=0.1 and n=0.6;

1st cup”cr” (ratio) — 2nd cup”cf” (ratio)
(4.6)cr+.8cf (5.75) — (4.8)cf+(1.6)cr (3) // cr > in coffee
(4.8)cr+.1cf (48) — (4.9)cf+(1.8)cr (2.7) // cr > in coffee
(3.8)cr+.6cf (6.3) — (4.4)cf+(1.2)cr (3.7) // cr > in coffee
let’s try n=0.5 🙂
4cr+.5cf (8) — 4.5cf+1cr (4.5) //cr > in coffee, okay that’s great! make sense

I have finished Head First 2D Geometry book

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Head First 2D GeometryHead First 2D Geometry by Lindsey Fallow Stray

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

View all my reviews



الحقوق التى لا تموت بخطابات البائعين – القضية الفلسطينية

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يعنى يبقى البيت بيتى وتيجى ناس تتحامى فى التخين وكل يوم ياخدوا اوضة وينادوا صحابهم ياخدوا اوضة تانية وفى الاخر جارى يعمل كبير بانه يصالحهم عليا وهما ياخدوا الاوض اللى قاعدين فيها وانا اخد الباقى …

يعنى احنا كعرب اكتر حاجة بتربطنا بالهوية هى فلسطين ، نقوم احنا مفرطين فى حقها بسهولة اوى قال ايه بنعمل مصالحة 👿

مش كفاية المناطق المنزوع منها السلاح والجدار العازل وعمليات الاغتيالات او الاعتقالات اللى بتحصل كل يوم للفلسطنين والمستوطنات اللى بتتبنى كل يوم ع اراضى فلسطين والمستوطنين اللى لهم الحق فى حمل السلاح ضد صحاب الارض وحاجات كتير عمرنا ما هنحسها زى اللى عايشنها ..

وبعدين اللى عاش وقت 67 عنده “احاسيس” وحشة اوى ضد اليهود وانت زى ما قولت عشت الفترة دى ومحسوب واحد من البشر ممكن عقلك يكون بعافية شوية انما اكيد عندك احاسيس راحت فين قدام نكسة بلادك والارض اللى اتسرقت ؟!

ناس بتحتفل بسرقة ارض وانتصار وناس “بتحتفل” بنكبة وانكسار ، بنحتفل بانكسار ازاى؟ مش عارف ، ما علينا سيادته جى يعمل سلام بينه وبين اللى كسرنا بدون ادنى شرف لبنى ادم ..

فى حاجات كتير بتحصل بسيطة نسبيا او يمكن فى ناس تعوض ناس ، ممكن اللى يهتم بيها اكتر مننا اصحاب قضيتهم انما لما الموضوع يوصل لتطبيع مع اليهود فمعتقدش انها حاجة بسيطة ممكن تتعدى بسهولة ..

فى النهاية احب اذكركم بالفيلم الوثائقى ده

وده خطابه ربنا يبعدنا عن شره

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