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    Top 12 Repositories on github ‘to me’ (september 2017)

    ncase / trust An interactive guide to the game theory of cooperation jeromeetienne / AR.js Efficient Augmented Reality for the Web – 60fps on mobile! iliakan / javascript-tutorial-en Modern JavaScript Tutorial toddmotto / public-apis A collective list of public JSON APIs for use in web development. EbookFoundation / free-programming-books 📚 Freely available programming books sdmg15 / Best-websites-a-programmer-should-visit 🔗 Some useful websites for programmers. […]

    Intermediate Front End Development Projects on freecodecamp in two days

    Assalamu Alaikum everyone 😀 I just finished my fourth and last project on Intermediate Front End Development Projects on freecodecamp and in this post i’ll describe these hours, tools, maybe mention some lines of code and BUGS. For the first Project Build a Random Quote Machine: I used API to generate movies quotes from and using Postman the easiest […]

    Don’t leave your projects die. Let others contribute.

    Have you ever had a project started and couldn’t complete because of a shortage of time, lost of your passion or unresolved bugs led to leave the project totally. 😔 Do you ever thought to expand your project, add some new cool features, but unfortunately you hadn’t the time for that. 🤔 In #counteributors, we share these projects […]

    لا تترك مشاريعك تموت ، دع الآخرين يساهمون فيها.

    اذا كان لديك مشروع بدأته منذ فترة وانشغلت عنه او قابلت فيه اخطاء برمجية لم تستطع حلها فادى بك الحال الى تركه كليًا ، او بدأته وانتهيت منه ولكنك ترغب فى اضافة بعض المميزات الجديدة ولكنك لم تجد الفرصة لفعل هذا. Counteributors مشروع جديد يساهم فى نشر مثل تلك المشاريع وعرضها كى يتمكن الآخرين من […]

    Install Python3 on linux

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