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    Install Python3 on linux

    Remove Duplicate Files in python

    How it works? the program takes the file path from user, then calculates its sha-256 hash, then takes the folder path from user to search in and start search for files with the same sha-256. Installation: install python 3.x from here create a new .py file and copy the source code into it. run script. […]

    What’s the number of Triangles in irregular hexagon ?

    Hello Everyone 🙂 we have this hexagon with sides’ lengths from top to right 1,2,1,2,1,2 cm respectively, and hope to find what’s exactly how many triangles can be formed in this irregular hexagon ? First: we’ll join three small regular triangles to sides a1, a3, a5 = 1, 1, 1 respectively of the hexagon. then we have a big one triangle. […]

    How Dropbox Knows When You’re Sharing Copyrighted Stuff?

    Hashing. Before i dive in: ‘A’ is a criminal, he wants to rob a bank so he asked his friends ‘B’ and ‘C’ for help. They robbed the bank successfully but unfortunately ‘B’ had forgotten his gloves at home before the crime. The police officer got his fingerprint and after a few days from fingerprint […]

    نشأة الـ Technology Vs نشأة الـكون

    تخيل نفسك مثلا مجرد file كمبيوتر جوا كام folder جوا بعض عايشين ع حاجة زى windows مثلا شغالين ب AI – يعنى بتتحكم فى اللى بتعمله فى حدود اللى متبرمج ع اساسه – واحدة واحدة بتبدأ تعرف انك مش ف الفولدر لوحدك فى files تانية بتعرف انك مكون من شوية سطور برمجية ، بتبدأ تتعلم […]

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