List of the Apps on my Android phone

January 29, 2016 § Leave a comment

    to keep on the track.
  2. Wikipedia
    to read a new topic everyday.
  3. Wolfram-Alpha
    it’s my friend not just lines of code.
  4. StackExchange
    i don’t know everything in programming or anything, StackExchange does.
  5. Slideshare
    reading in relax mode.
  6. Quora
    to know more, learn more, or ask more.
  7. Instructables
    DIYi’m a big fan.
  8. Evernote
    instead of my memory.
  9. Ted
    learn more, learn how to speak.
  10. YahooMail
    i love yahoo.
  11. WikiHow
    read more, learn more, be great.
  12. Sleep as Android
    wake me up with heart attacks, save me from oversleeping or good dreams.
  13. Twilight
    reading at night, red screen, my glasses and i love it a lot.
  14. Journey
    helps me to change when i see my old moments.
  15. Investing
    Economy is the mirror of future.
  16. Google Translate
    Offline, and use camera to translate.
  17. Think Different
    to think.
  18. IMDb
    to guide me to the next movie.
  19. WordPress
    to manage my blog.
  20. IFTTT
    to connect my whole digital life with each other.

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