Read and Study at the same time ?!

November 23, 2015 § Leave a comment

, i guess more than 70% of students in colleges or schools don’t know scientific information far away from their field studies, so this article for the rest i mean for less than 30%. 😀

let’s get the point!
Scientific Articles will give you little information about its subject or topic, so if you don’t know exactly your destination”goal” or passion,Scientific Articles in general will be good for you until you know your interest… but when you know your passion, articles never make you a genius, Books always do!

Reading won’t Take your time for free!
every letter you read, every tiny very small word will give +1 to your mind!

Egypt Failed in Education not you!
Your Academic Study is so important wherever you are in Egypt or out, Believe me i spent years hating learning because of this and now i’m sure i was wrong, completely wrong. they teach global Curriculum, the whole problem i faced in all years, why i’m studying that? and my great answer it’s not important for me, “Cancelled” 😀
for me it’s all about the way, how we’re learning?
Now i’m a College Student, this mean The time never come back again to learn from the beginning, every second is important i guess, but this time we’re free and that never come back again too, so do lists “To do lists” and be hero, keep the track.. Put the Study and Reading “out your academic study” in your priorities Study#1 Reading#2 Book every week will make the difference.

before i finish let me just say two things:
– Be with Allah!
– Learn then Teach what you learn. Our Prophet Muhammad(Pbuh) said that! 🙂
– watching Movies is the the best way to relax.
– Write, Write, then Write.
– Help.


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