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Grokking Algorithms An illustrated guide for programmers and other curious peopleGrokking Algorithms An illustrated guide for programmers and other curious people by Aditya Y. Bhargava

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

To me, This book have two sections first from chapter 1 to chapter 10,and the second and i mostly liked is the chapter 11 “Where to go next” but the book in general very useful for beginners.


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Imagine that you wake up tomorrow in a parallel universe. Everything in this universe is the same, except for one big difference: money has been replaced by attention. All citizens have little meters attached to their heads, right between the eyes, that show where they’ve been spending their limited daily supply of attention. Let’s say, in this universe, a minute of your attention is worth a dollar. This means when you sit down and enjoy a couple of hours of TV, you’re paying $120 for the privilege. Spending a few minutes (and you really are “spending” a few minutes) catching up with friends will cost you $10. When you drive down the interstate, you’re leaking pennies and nickels whenever a billboard catches your eye.
….. You happily spend thousands of dollars watching advertisements on TV. Your attention is constantly being depleted, without your knowledge.


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Install atom packages on windows

Assalamu Alaikum everyone 😀 ,
If you’re using atom this article will help you install its packages on windows.First things first, go to and search for the package you want to install, in this article i want to install “turbo-javascript” package.

Install packages using GUI:

Open atom -> Packages -> settings view -> install packages/themes
in the search box write “turbo-javascript” without double quotes (or any package you want) then click install. DONE

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Install packages using CMD:

Open cmd then write:

cd c:\users\pcName\.atom


apm //stands for Atom Package Manager
//< and > stands for less than and greater
apm install <turbo-javascript> //replace turbo-javascript with your package's name

you’ll see script like this (without the last line)


Audio Steganography

Audio Steganography, how does it work?

In Abstract: The process of hiding file (audio, text, picture, ….) into an audio file. The Stego application hides the file you want to encrypt in the audio file you want to encrypted into it. And if you want to decrypt that file and returned it the Stego App will reverse the process and return it.

How can one create hidden text messages in audio files? How can one remove them?

To encrypt text file you have some options, i recommend the first one (The easiest and efficient one):

  1. LSB Coding: just convert your audio file into binary numbers and replace its least significant bits with the bits of the text file (in binary format).
  2. Spread Spectrum.
  3. Echo Hiding: add echo to the audio.
  4. Parity Coding: deals with bits like the first but it’s more complex.
  5. Phase Coding: works by replacing the reference phase of an audio segment with a reference phase of the text and make some operations.

What are some working examples that show this process on the Internet?


Who uses this application?

In fact i don’t know, but what i’m sure of it the developers

used it someday 😀

The original answer on Quora

سوف أضع أجابة الذكاء الاصطناعي (الألة) في مسلسل Person of Interest الذي أنتهى هذا العام.

شخصاً ما سألني، إن كنت تعلمتُ شيء من هذه الحياة، لذا دعني أقول لك ماذا تعلمت…

تعلمت أن الناس يموتون وحيدين…


إن أحببت شخصًا ما…

إن أهتممت في شخصًا ما…

أو إن ساعدت شخصًا ما…

ربما لن تموت على الأطلاق…

وربما وربما هذه ليست النهاية…!

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